“There is a misconception that picture books for children should be packed with colour and decoration on every page. This is like saying a successful piece of music should be crammed full of loud notes. It’s the juxtaposition and build-up of sound that makes music interesting.”

John Burningham talking
about the Shirley books

Let it snow

Let it snow explores the winter season through 3 Burningham books. Seasons, Trubloff - the Mouse who wanted to play the Balalaika and The Snow
This year Ignite Music, specialists in new classical music for young people, created a new production of Borka the Opera to mark Borka’s 60th birthday.
Summerhill under it's founder A.S.Neil was the most famous free school of it's time. The young Burningham spent 3-4 years there and thrived in it's
Long before the powerful voices of the Thunberg generation were even dreamt of, John Burningham saw children as being not only deeply aware, but as
'Humbert' belongs to a bygone era, with horse-drawn carts, stables and Lord Mayor's of London travelling the square mile with considerable pagentry
Inspired by John’s own travels around Europe, Trubloff is the story of a musical mouse who lives with his family behind the panelling of the
Wanderlust was part of John Burningham’s life from early on. During the war, he travelled the country in a caravan with his parents and sisters,
John Burningham is always on the side of the child. In fact, whilst his work may appear naïve in style, it is highly sophisticated in
Mr Gumpy is going to take his boat out. The children want to come along, so does the cat, and the dog, the sheep, the