Motor Miles - was first published Jonathan Cape in 2016

Miles was given a home by Alice Trudge and her son, Norman. But Miles was a very difficult dog.

… until next door neighbour Mr Huddy built him a motor car.


“We will have to get you driving lessons,” said Mr Huddy to Miles.

Going right,

going left,

going backwards.

Quick STOP!


Going right.


Going left.


Going backwards.

Quick STOP!

After many lessons, Miles had learned to drive and was ready to go on the road.

One Morning Alice Trudge could not take Norman to school and did not know what to do.

“I could squeeze into Miles’s car and he could take me to school,” said Norman.


When Norman arrived at school in a car driven by a dog, all the other children were amazed.

… and Norman and Miles even used to go for secret trips in the car.

Motor Miles, driving at the seaside

The Burningham family always had a dog and many of them resembled the dogs in John’s books. Check out Courtney and Cononball Simp to begin with. If you would like to read the whole story of Motor Miles it is still in print.

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